Our Services

Kent McKenzie has been a master bench goldsmith for over 27 years. He is a GIA graduate. He is well know for his exceptional work.

Appraisals - Appraisals:  We provide appraisals on items purchased at McKenzie Jewelers for your insurance purposes at no charge.  We are happy to do appraisals on any jewelry items.  Appraisal cost is based on the number of pieces and hours it will take us to complete the appraisal.

Diamond Recutting - We provide the service of repairing broken diamonds and recutting old mine cut and old European cut diamonds into modern ideal cut specifications. A diamond can be scratched or chipped. We can remove surface damage, scratches and nicks and even chips resulting in a more brilliant and lively diamond. Often repairing damage is covered by insurance. Please call us today with any questions regarding our diamond cutting and repair service.

Engraving - We can engrave most metal items including giftware, watches, glass and rings.

Insurance Replacement Assistance - Let us assist you in your time of need. We specialize in helping find replacement jewelry when you experience a loss. Our access to a diverse and deep selection of manufacturers enable us to find the exact piece you are looking to replace.

  • Identification of jewelry of equal kind, quality and value as the original
  • Large inventory selections in our showroom
  • We bill all insurance companies

Laser Welding - Laser welding is the ability to weld metals, using amplified light as the source, to produce the weld. Laser welding uses a specific wave length of light to accomplish the welding process. This light is concentrated, adjusted, and controlled by the jeweler, much in the same way as he would control and adjust the flame of a soldering torch. However, unlike soldering, laser welding is faster, cleaner, and more cost effective for many manufacturing and repair problems.

All of the traditional jewelry metals can be laser-welded! All base metals, Karat gold, Sterling Silver, Titanium, Palladium, and Platinum! Interestingly enough, Platinum that has historically been one of the most difficult metals to work with and repair, is one of the easiest metals to affect laser-writing repairs to! Welding different metals groups is also possible, .i.e., gold to platinum, sterling to gold, etc.

Manufacturing/Custom Design - Do you have your own idea for jewelry? We can do start to finish design and production of jewelry in your individual style. We'll help you put your ideas on paper, and our craftsmen can create the piece of your dreams in the metal of your choice.

  •     Start to finish design and production of jewelry in your individual style
  •     One-of-a-kind creations you will cherish for years to come
  •     We can create anything - no piece is too difficult
  •     We can use gemstones that you already have
  •     We can turn that old, unworn piece of jewelry into    something fresh and exciting

Pearl/Bead Stringing - Did you know pearls should be restrung every few years? We can make your necklace or bracelet look like new - graduated or multi strands are no problem for our experts. Don't neglect an pearl heirloom when it is so easy to get it restrung.

Repair - Our repair staff is able to repair anything! We work in any metal; platinum, gold, silver, or a combination. Whether you need a new clasp on a bracelet, a ring sized, or a diamond set, we do it best.

  • Complimentary cleaning
  • Ring sizing
  • Full spectrum metal working
  • Expert evaluation and repair
  • Polishing of worn and damaged valuable gems
  • Expert diamond setting
  • Antique refurbishing
  • Eyeglass frame repair, including titanium frames

Silver Refinishing - We can fix broken serving pieces in sterling or silverplate, or even resilver antiques.

Watch Repair - We will replace batteries in all brands of watches while you wait, and are happy to add or replace links in metal watch bands.